Photo Guidelines

We have outlined some simple tips below to help you take your perfect photo for trying out and creating different styles for yourself.

Perfect Picture

Imperfect Picture

Make sure you are facing the camera.

Make sure to keep you face straight and do not tilt or turn while facing the camera.
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Natural Lighting

Let your natural skin tone show. Make sure your camera does not have any image effects enabled. Also check for any red-eye in your photo.

Ensure that your hair is kept off from your face and ears.

Keep your hair off from your face and ears. It can interfere with your face and cause shadows and dark areas. You can push back your hair by applying some water to your hair.

Make sure to remove your glasses.

If you are wearing glasses please take them off. Glasses can create shadows under your eyes.

Ensure that there are no shadows on your face.

Make sure your face is evenly lit from the front and not from sideways or back. The skin tone may appear uneven and you will see shadows on your face otherwise.


Lastly don't forget to smile!

Photo Requirements:

Photo Size

The minimum size of the image should be 800 X 600px. An image less than the minimum required size will appear grainy or blurred.

File Type

Make sure to save your image in jpeg, png, bmp etc.

That's all you need to do to upload your perfect picture! Go ahead upload your photo and try out different styles...

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